Label Printers

Whether you require a basic desktop printer, or an industrial solution for all day printing, Slicker Stickers has the right printer for your business needs.

Label printers offer a flexible print on-demand solution for labels, tickets, tags, receipts and plastic cards. There are several types of print methods available for on-demand or variable information printing, of which, thermal printers are the most common. There are two types of thermal printers; direct thermal & thermal transfer.

  • Direct thermal printers print directly from the thermal print head of the printer onto a heat sensitive material, producing a printed image as it passes over the print head. The coating turns black in the areas where it is heated, producing the intended text or image Direct thermal labels are primarily used for short duration applications because they tend to fade over time (typically 6 to 12 months) if exposed to heat, direct sunlight or chemical vapours.  This method of printing is usually the most cost effective because there are no other consumables required.  It is perfect for best before dates on food products or address information on freight.
  • Thermal transfer printers still utilizes a thermal print head but instead of printing directly onto heat sensitive material, it uses the print head to transfer ink from a carbon ribbon onto the label which forms the text or image on the surface. Thermal Transfer labels offer a tougher permanent print, making them less likely to scratch or fade. If the label is intended to last a longer length of time; be exposed to higher temperatures, direct sunlight or rougher conditions like rubbing or scuffing during transit; then thermal transfer technology is recommended. The thermal transfer method of printing also works on a wider range of substrates whilst direct thermal requires a thermal sensitive substrate to print. Most thermal transfer printers are also capable of direct thermal printing, if you remove the carbon ribbon.
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